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Should you have any further questions, reach out to us via the form below or email the team at

How often will we meet?

We designed this program with full time employees in mind, so Scotland Bible School will have once a week evening teachings from 7pm - 10pm.


Where will we meet?

We will meet in Glasgow, Scotland at Re:Hope Church 


When does the 2024 academic year begin?

The 2024 academic year will begin with a seminar day on Saturday the 31st August. This is a mandatory in person class as it is where we overview the Inductive Bible Study method and you start your first book!


Can I do the school remotely?

The school begins in September with a Saturday seminar day. You need to attend this class in person, as it gives you a chance to meet your classmates and get help as you learn the method and begin to study your first book of the school. After this, if you do not live in the Glasgow area, you have the option of attending class remotely. You will also have remote check-ins with a member of staff to ensure you are supported throughout the academic year. The option of remote classes is only an option for those who are not local to Glasgow.


What is the cost?

The cost of the school can be spread over monthly instalments of £199 if committing to all three years (August year 1 - May year 3).
If just committing to the first year, 11 monthly instalments of £199 from August - June.


What does the yearly schedule entail?

You will be trained in the Inductive Bible Study method, which is an investigative way of studying the Bible through observation, interpretation, and application. You will use this method to study every book of the Bible during the three-programme, always applying the truth of the Word into your life.


Year 1: New Testament
Year 2: Old Testament Narratives and Wisdom Literature
Year 3: The Prophets and the Post-Exilic Period


Throughout the school year, you will build your understanding of the whole Bible story and be equipped to study the Bible independently.

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