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If you want to study the Bible, you’ve found the right place!

Scotland Bible School is a 3 year course where you study every book of the Bible. Through this school you will have the opportunity to have a deeper, more immersive experience in Word of God than many will have in their lifetime. Over the course of the programme you will be reading each book at least 4 times, learn how to chart out the flow of each book, and learn how to observe, interpret, and apply what you are reading accurately and appropriately. 


By studying each book of the Bible, you will discover the big picture of each book, the overall story of the Bible as well as digging into the details each book contains. 

Once-a-week evening classes will equip you with an understanding of the biblical, cultural and historical background. You will be trained to interpret Scripture from the mindset and culture of the original reader and author. You will also be supported as you take the timeless truths from each book and apply them personally.


We want everyone to be able to access the Bible more deeply, so if you don’t live local to Glasgow, there is the option of joining our classes remotely. Please inquire through our website for more details and we can discuss your options. 


You can join us for the first year of the school to study the New Testament and then choose to continue onto years two and three where you will study the Old Testament through your understanding of the New Covenant and the New Testament writings.


Anyone can know and experience the Scriptures through this school. Previous education or your current profession does not matter. This school is designed to run alongside your current commitments, and we estimate that the homework is ~10 hours a week.


If you are hungry to take a giant leap in your understanding of the Bible, and like the idea of learning it together in a cohort of others passionate to learn God’s word, then Scotland Bible School is exactly what you have been searching for.

Meet the Staff


Rev Brian Ingraham, BA, MDiv

Founder and Principal

Scotland Bible School is led by Pastor Brian Ingraham who is the Founding pastor of Re:Hope Church in Glasgow. 


Fiona Keatings


Fiona is a passionate and experienced international teacher, previously on staff in YWAM's School of Biblical Studies.


Emma Ingraham

Senior Lecturer

Emma has spent 2 years teaching on the School of Biblical Studies in Kona, Hawaii and will be completing her Masters with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

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